Worldwide 1st organic golf course

At Kobaldhof in Ramsau Dachstein

Since opening in 2007, this first ever organic golf course is becoming increasingly popular.

A golfer's paradise has been created with this 10-hole course, making this the most unique golf-course in the world. The course uses a fertilisation system that excludes the use of chemicals and the design follows the natural terrain without any constructional interventions having being made.

Golf course with official "organic" seal of approval

In order to become the world's leading "1st. Austrian Organic Golf Course and with it gain the recognized seal of approval, we had to follow the strict regulations of the organic farming board. To remain in compliance with their standards we must also pass all the further checks that are made at regular intervals.

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Golf course with a seal of approval

The 10-hole course with a driving range and putting green is embedded in the magnificent scenery of Ramsau with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. With a playing length of 90-280 metres the golf course is great for ambitious golfers who are looking for something special, but also for beginners who want to learn about this wonderful sport.

A club membership is not necessary and equipment can be rented. The booking of training sessions is also possible.

Barefoot Golf meets Golf and more

You must try the invigorating effect of playing golf barefoot and the feeling the lush green grass under your feet. A really unique experience, which can be safely enjoyed.

The combination of hiking and golfing is extremely popular. Start your perfect day with one of the many tours in the nearby mountains and then finish your active day on our organic golf course...

Green austrian
Green-Geschwindigkeit 2,5-3 m
Fairway-Schnitt 18 mm
Length 1380 m
Holes 9 hole / Par 31 (9 x Par 3 hole, 1 x Par 4 hole)
Water in game 1
Bunker number 9
Altitude 1100 m

Other golf equipment
Driving Range (4 covered tees)

Putting Green
Rental equipment, tennis lessons

A further three 18-hole golf courses within 40 kilometres